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Changes to Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance

Date: March 27, 2017

The Queensland Government is introducing new senior curriculum and assessment for the Queensland Certificate of Education. Work is underway to


Queensland Women’s Week 2017

Date: March 6, 2017

As a leader in educating girls and empowering them to be the best they can be, Stuartholme School is proud


Strategies to help achieve better academic success

Date: March 3, 2017

As students enter the busy period of assessments, it is important to remember that the ULTIMATE goal of achieving excellence in


Stuartholme extends students with University programs

Date: February 10, 2017

Stuartholme School delivers a curriculum that responds effectively to the needs of the individual student, while challenging them to achieve


HPE curriculum inspires students

Date: February 10, 2017

‘Aspire to inspire life-long health and wellness’, this is the vision of the Stuartholme Health and Physical Education Department. Like


Holocaust Studies Program

Date: February 10, 2017

During the Christmas holidays (2015/2016), Alexandra Cashin, Leader of Learning – Religious Education was awarded a scholarship to attend the annual

Telephone +61 7 3369 5466
Absentee Hotline: +61 7 3510 6488
Boarding Reception: +61 7 3510 6438
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8am to 4pm

She won’t be lost in the crowd

On the surface all schools are the same. Each provides an education for children. It’s not until you look a little closer that you realise how different each school is. Just like your daughter. She is different to the next girl and deserves an education specific to her needs, interests and aspirations.
“I think Stuartholme has the perfect balance of a small enough size but large enough to give variety and challenge and stretch.” Anastasia Ellerby, Stuartholme Parent

Stuartholme’s mantra is “to be the best she can be” and it’s something the staff and students live by. Its meaning is derived from the way each student is treated, not as a number, but as an individual person.

As a progressive international Sacred Heart School, Stuartholme School is committed to educating the whole person. Our rigorous academic program together with our supportive learning environment teaches resilience and self-value where every student feels confident in her ability to contribute to our global society.

The School prides itself on being small enough for each student to be personally known, yet large enough to offer an extensive, ever-changing and dynamic range of opportunities.

Individualised learning

Stuartholme educates every girl to reach her full potential. The School provides a supportive and inclusive learning environment where each girl’s gifts and talents are extended, nurtured and challenged through an individualised educational programme.

Student mapping technology

The School’s progressive curriculum is supported by technology used to identify the learning needs of every student. Our expert staff then provide the resources to either support or extend, and challenge students to optimise pathways for their future learning.

Real time student tracking for teachers and students

Stuartholme’s online learning system and communication portal is accessible by parents, who can review their daughter’s progress in real time. Academic results are uploaded onto their daughter’s report allowing parents to monitor their daughter’s progress throughout the year, and not only when reports are issued. Parents can readily see the trends or changes at the same time as their daughter and her teachers, which assists in the dialogue and partnership between parent and teacher.

Success for each girl

Success is different for each individual, which is why our customised educational experience for each student is so important. The way we teach and how each student learns is aimed at providing the best educational outcome for each individual.

The School’s academic program is strongly supported by the Student Wellbeing Program because you can never look at data without looking at the child behind it. Observations on attitude and engagement form just as big a part to the picture as the grade they received. As educators, we know both empirically and anecdotally how important it is for each girl to be physically, socially, spiritually and emotionally well in order to perform to her best academically.

Opportunities to achieve

Students are engaged through dynamic teaching strategies and vibrant learning environments. Stuartholme acknowledges a commitment to inclusive education and best practice principles of teaching and learning with opportunities for students to strive for personal excellence. Enrichment and extension is available through curriculum differentiation, subject offerings, competitions and special programmes.

Transforming her world

A ‘Stuartholme girl’ is empowered to transform her world. Our Social Justice Programme increases our students’ awareness of social justice issues and provides them with opportunities to take action. The School prepares and inspires students to be active, informed and responsible global citizens.

Stuartholme families

For some parents, choosing a school for their daughter can be a difficult one. There are many factors to consider, and what is important for one family may be different for another.

Hear from the Ellerby family, who shared with us the reasons why they chose Stuartholme for their three daughters.

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